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Fellowship Place
441 Elm Street
06511 New Haven , CT
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(203) 401-4227
Agency Mission: 
Fellowship Place's mission is to serve adults with mental illness by offering a full range of therapeutic support and rehabilitation services that promote independence, wellness, and a meaningful life. At Fellowship Place, our Board and staff share a vision of a world that demonstrates acceptance & integration of people with mental illness in our community, that understands that with proper treatment and a wide range of support services people with mental illness can minimize the impact it has on their lives, maintain their independence and be productive contributors to society. The agency serves over 750 adults annually, who are living with a serious mental illness. The majority served suffers from schizophrenia, major depression, or bipolar disorder. In addition to the challenges faced in managing their illness, nearly all face poverty and struggle with unemployment, inadequate housing, the risk of homelessness, and poor physical health. Of our population, 98% live below the federal poverty level with incomes under $11,500 per year, more than half have incomes of less than $500 per month, and half have experienced homelessness at least once in their lives. 49% served are White, 37% served are African American, 14% served are Hispanic, and 86% served are between the ages of 25-64. The majority coming to our campus for services for the first time are estranged from their families, lack social supports, and exhibit isolation and fear toward engagement or activity with others. On a campus setting in downtown New Haven CT, open 365 days a year, Fellowship Place provides a safe environment where people with mental illness may find productive ways to structure their day and connect with others who face similar life challenges. Here they find acceptance and unlimited opportunities to learn, work, and play. Our campus is a multi-purpose, one stop center where they receive counseling & case management services to help them learn, practice and refine social skills and other daily living skills that will help them increase their level of independent living. Services offered are designed to help improve their stability & self-sufficiency, minimize the impact their illness has on their lives, and maintain their independence, including: • Basic life-skills & coping skills training • Supportive Housing services • Job training & Employment Services • Education training & literacy improvement • Help with basic needs, including food insecurity & poor nutrition • A Homeless Daytime Drop-in Center • Social & recreational activities • Help building positive relationships • Linkages to other community services • Health & wellness programs to improve overall physical & mental wellness • Expressive Arts & Cultural programs • Also offered are therapeutic groups, including Managing Difficult Emotions, Self Esteem, Healthy Relationships, Hearing Voices and Dealing with Grief Fellowship Place’s open door format means that the individuals with serious mental illness we serve have access to a counselor from early morning to early evening, at times when traditional clinics are closed. As a result, our staff is frequently able to prevent a crisis or an emergency room visit. Many of our clients attend programs at the agency on a daily basis. This means our counselors are often the first to become aware of changes in behavior, substance abuse activity, physical health problems, or housing issues that may jeopardize our clients’ safety and overall well-being. In such cases, our staff is trained to respond quickly, and to work with the individual and his/her clinical team on a plan that will minimize or prevent a serious problem. Fellowship Place believes that treatment outcomes for the mentally ill improve when services are easy to navigate and give individuals a voice in charting their own path to recovery. We believe offering a wide array of services in one place at flexible hours is cost effective and the best way to make certain people who suffer from a mental illness realize their potential for a productive life. An investment in Fellowship Place is an investment in the community. Our services help improve the lives of the mentally ill we serve and, equally important, our services reduce the burden on families, hospitals, the police, and government, that result when the mentally ill do not have a place to turn for help and support.
From 1-91 South: 1. Exit 1 to Rte. 34 2. Exit 3 off Rte. 34 connector (last exit) 3. Straight to third traffic light - Take RIGHT onto Howe Street 4. Continue straight through 4 traffice lights 5. At 5th traffic light turn LEFT onto Elm Steet 6. Continue straight through 1 traffic light (X Dwight Street) 7. 25 yards up on RIGHT is Fellowship Place, turn RIGHT into driveway or park on Elm Street. From 95 South: 1. Take Downtown New Haven/Rte 34 exit 2. Follow Directions from #2 above From 95 North: 1. Exit 47 (left hand exit), Downtown New Have/Rte. 34 2. Follow connector to Exit 3 (last exit) 3. Follow directions from #2 above Nearest Metro/Subway Stop: Union Station (New Haven), 25 minute walk Nearest Bus Stop: Corner of Dwight Street & Whalley Ave., 2 minute walk


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