Volunteer Listing Instructions for Partner Agencies

We have upgraded our volunteer opportunity listing system. The new system has a more modern design and is easier to use.

System Overview and Tutorial

Prospective volunteers can now quickly narrow down the list of opportunities to the one they want by filtering the list by opportunity type, town and agency. We list the most recently updated opportunities first and then allow that list to be filtered. 

You can try it out at: /volunteer/find

We have also created a mapping and calendar feature. If you add a location your opportunity it will show up on the map and if you set a specific time, it will show up on the calendar.

If you had an active volunteer opportunity in the old system we have moved it over to the new system.

How the New System Works
Potential volunteers will be able contact you from your listing by clicking the blue “Contact Agency” button.  They will fill in a form which will automatically send an email to the person you identified as the email contact for the opportunity and also send a receipt to the prospective volunteer.  Note: Emails from our system will be from the address: [email protected] Please add this email to the list of safe contacts so that messages are not directed to the spam folder.

Accessing The New System 
Login at: /user/login (login link at very bottom of uwgnh.org page)

If You Had An Account In the Old System the first time attempt to log-in to your account here you will need to request a new password. That can be done at this link: /user/password. Your account is associated with this email address (email I sent this message to). When you submit the address to the system you will be emailed a login link and allowed to reset the password. This login will be shared by anyone at your agency who needs to post volunteer opportunities. If the primary contact we have on file is no longer the best primary email address just let us know which one would be better (many agencies create a generic volunteer email such as [email protected]).

Registering A New Agency
If your agency did not have an active record in the old system you will need to register an account. You can do so at: /partner/register Any nonprofit, government agency or community group can apply for a free account.

Changing Nonprofit Agency Information
Once you login you will be directed to the profile for your organization. Here you can edit account information, you can also edit the information about your organization by clicking the clicking the "edit" tab on the user screen, then clicking the "Nonprofit Partner Profile" button in the top right of the screen.

Posting a New Opportunity
To create a new opportunity click the blue button that says “Create Opportunity” on the “my account” page. You will then be asked for a Title, Description, Requirements, Search Filters, Location, Time, and an Organizational Email for that opportunity.

Once you click save, the opportunity is posted immediately (it may take a few minutes for it to show up in the search/filter tool).

Updating Existing Opportunities
Once you have logged in as an nonprofit agency you can visit your account page (link at bottom of page) where it will list all of your opportunities in the system. You can edit any of these opportunities by visiting the posting and clicking the "edit" tab at the top of the page.

Removing an Opportunity
There is a delete button on the edit screen of each opportunity. Use that button to permanently remove any opportunity that you have created.

Questions and Feedback
Please direct questions to: [email protected]


Created: April 30, 2015 - 2:13pm
-- Updated: October 18, 2017 - 3:21pm