Local nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare through communication skills training, seeks help with data entry. Located in New Haven’s vibrant Ninth Square district, the Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC) provides doctors, nurses and many other healthcare team members with essential skills for clinical care. You will be entering data into our Continuing Medical Education database. We will provide training and supervision, and our eternal gratitude. Days and hours are flexible.


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Board Member

Highville Charter, a 501(c) (3), is an enterprising and caring community charter school with a strong parent and community involvement.  Our main goal is to prepare and instill a desire for all learners to confidently use technology, think globally, develop globally conscious citizenship, and utilize world languages and cultures as the basis for launching learners on their voyage as responsible navigators.

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Compassus Hospice Needs Volunteers to Visit Our Patients

Compassus Hospice is currently recruiting volunteers in New Haven and Fairfield counties.

We are looking for dedicated individuals to visit with our patients where they reside; ie skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, private homes. We are also in need of people who would like to help out in our office with clerical functions. We are asking for a minimum of 1 hour a week commitment.

Our volunteers offer a variety of services dependent on our patients needs and desires.

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Hospice Family Support Volunteer at the Smilow Cancer Center

Are you a good listener who enjoys being with other people?
Would you like to provide support to patients and families at the end of life?

If so, please consider becoming a family support volunteer for Regional Hospice and Home Care as we expand our services to Smilow Cancer Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the surrounding communities.

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Give a Little Receive a Lot! Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteer Opportunity


Volunteers are needed to enhance the quality of life for VNA Community Healthcare’s Hospice patients and their families.  The century old nonprofit home healthcare agency is seeking volunteers in: Complementary Therapies (Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Pet Therapy, Activities (art & music), Patient/Caregiver Companions (companionship, errands, light housekeeping, respite), Administrative Support, Bereavement Support, Spiritual Support and Pet Companions (dog walking, pet feeding and clean up.)   

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Office Volunteers

New Haven/Leon SCP depends on volunteers and interns for much of what it does to promote education, public health and poverty reduction in Nicaragua and Connecticut.  Below is a list of volunteer needs here in New Haven at our Whitney Avenue office. We are ESPECIALLY looking for people who could be involved a few hours a month ove a longer time period.

We generally match up volunteers with projects/tasks depending on their skills and availability. Needs include:

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Special Events Office Team Member

- If planning is your scene, and then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! Come into the Farmington Office on a weekly set schedule(based off of your availability) to assist with all things special events?from researching the latest trends in fundraising events, to helping us secure items for our covered life auction. Please go to to start the application process

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Special Events Committee Chairs

Become a Committee Chair for one of our extraordinary fundraising events, such as Celebrate the Season (targeting powerful woman in the community). Make phone calls and attend events to make face-to-face requests for attendance and financial contributions. Please go to to start the application process or contact Jen Callahan, Director of Volunteer and Youth Engagement,

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Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers If you live in Western Connecticut and you'd rather have a root canal than ask for money but would like to join a fund group of volunteers who work on fundraising projects that make a substantial revenue impact on Mission critical Red cross programs, then you might be FUN volunteer. Please go to to start the application process or contact Jen Ca

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Sales & Marketing Volunteer

Do you enjoy talking on the phone and building relationships with local businesses? The Special Events team is looking for assistance with sourcing in kind donations and promoting ticket sales for regional fundraising events. Make new connections and be part of a team committed to raising funds to continue lifesaving work within our community! Please go to to start th

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Recruitment Team Member

Build up a workforce of talented volunteers by assisting with targeted recruitment initiatives, advertisement of volunteer opportunities and representing the Red Cross at community and recruitment events. Please go to to start the application or reach out to a member of the Department of Volunteer Engagement, at [email protected].

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Volunteer Intake Team Members

Take on the exciting task of working with individuals that are interested in becoming volunteers. Intake Team Members fill all types of positions; guide new volunteers through the intake process on Volunteer Connection; send welcoming emails or make that initial phone call. Can be completed virtually whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Intake Team Members can anticipate roughly 5 hours of wo

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Disaster Services Technology

Swoop in to save the day and take care of all technology needs in the midst of local or national disaster. Help is also needed to ensure we are ready to go all year. Training provided. Please go to to start the application process or contact Jen Callahan, Director of Volunteer and Youth Engagement, [email protected]

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Coordinator of Volunteers

Several departments, including Service to Armed Forces & International Services, Communications and Development, are seeking a Coordinator of Volunteers. The Coordinator of Volunteers will support the on boarding, training and development of volunteers for that line of service. This people-oriented position will welcome new volunteers to the department and find the best opportunity for them

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Disaster Assessment

A variety of interesting opportunities such as monitoring the weather and impact of a storm your computer at home or working in the field to complete at home or working in the field to complete an impact assessment for both preliminary and detailed information. Please go to to start the application process or contact Jen Callahan, Director of Volunteer and Youth En

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Disaster Action Team (DAT) Members

Disaster Action Team (DAT) Members help people affected by local disasters, most commonly home fires. Day or night, these volunteers set their availability to respond when called. DAT Members meet at the site of the disaster, comfort clients and ensure their basic immediate needs are taken for of, such as food, clothing, shelter and hope. Says Disaster Responder, Harvey Harpin of Bolton, CT, ?I have

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Flexible Volunteer Opportunity

If you don't mind setting out a meal, spending time with someone who is limited physically but still a fun person with varied interests, this is the place for you! Examples of volunteer services offered: ? Grocery Shopping ? Friendly visitor ? Assist with gardening ? Cook meals ? Offering respite for caregivers ? Pet Therapy with your certified animal ? Light house cleaning ? Assisting with telephon

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Home Fire Preparedness Campaign Lead

Are you interested in overseeing a short-term project that will make a real difference? Do you enjoy working with partnering organizations? Are you able to organize and lead volunteer? Then we have just the job for you. Launch the national Red Cross Home Fire Preparness campaign for our Region and help save hundreds of lives!

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Someone needs your HELP in organizing their mail and monthly bills.

The Agency on Aging's RSVP Volunteer program offers a way to help someone with the management of their monthly bills. We are dedicated to helping seniors and Veterans remain as independent as possible and this support might be just what they need. Only a few hours of your time can help them become more organized and confident that they are paying their bills on time. 

Everyone can sympathize with the overwhelming feeling you get when you are inundated with mail that you don't understand and/or know if it is legitimate or fraudulent.

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-- Updated: January 20, 2017 - 11:58am

Donor Newsletter Reporter

Do you pride yourself on being able to write moving and inspiring stories? Do you enjoy investigating and evaluating great story leads? Are you able to capture people's hearts and minds with your pen (or keyboard)? Join our team and help us reach out to our donors! Use your creative writing skills and passion to create beautiful stories about our volunteers and the ways in which they impact people's li

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Mass Care Headquarters Administrator

Are you interested in becoming a valuable member of the regional Red Cross scale operations leadership Steam? Do you have an eye for detail but are also interested in the bigger picture? We are looking for volunteers to contribute to successful delivery of mass care to thousands of clients affected by disasters, by providing crucial administrative support to the Mass Care Leadership team. Please go to

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Regional Training Specialist

Are you someone who enjoys communicating with people, administrating databases and compiling reports? Here is an exciting opportunity to coordinate the Regional Disaster Services training calendar, manage and analyze data, ensuring that our hundreds of Disaster Services Volunteers are exceptionally well trained! You will have the opportunity to interact with leadership volunteers from across the Connec

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Blood Donor Ambassador

Donor Ambassadors are the smiling faces that greet community members as they check in to donate the precious gift of blood. At blood drives hosted primarily during business hours M-F, Ambassadors make sure that donors review important information about the donation process and direct them to a nurse with questions they might have. After community members donate blood, the Ambassador offers them a sna

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Community Garden Needs Help

We are a group of neighborhood gardeners since 1996 and find ourselves needing help keeping the garden tidy and productive as we get older. If you enjoy digging, weeding, building beds, sifting compost, being in the fresh air, meeting new people and doing general garden maintenance this is your opportunity to contribute to your own health and that of the community.

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HELP WANTED! Hospice Volunteer/Extern for Our Office

Volunteers play a vital role in preserving each hospice patient's dignity while removing the fear associated with dying. Volunteers who support the hospice office are no exception. Serving as an office or administrative volunteer will enrich your own life in ways you can't begin to imagine. No previous experience in the medical field or in the office is necessary. You will be prepared for your role wit

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Regional Coordinator of Disaster Volunteers

The Regional Coordinator of Disaster Volunteers (RCDV) is responsible for providing leadership to the development of a well-trained, responsive, diverse, and inclusive care of disaster leadership volunteers within the Region, and for supporting opportunities for volunteers who wish to serve in leadership and beyond -the-Chapter positions. The RCDV will work with 6+ Coordinators of Disaster Volunteers t

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Civic or Faith Based Organization Meal Donation

Fellowship serves three meals a day on weekdays, as well as lunch on weekends. Collaborations with faith-based, civic, or non-profit community volunteer organizations, to bring in and prepare one daily meal, helps our agency meet our rising food costs. A monthly (or more frequent) evening meal donation is coordinated with the volunteer organization, which includes the organization bringing in the food donation , preparing the donated meal in our kitchen, and serving the meal to individuals with disabilities who are attending Fellowship Place programming.

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Caregiver Support Network of VNA Community Healthcare Seeks Volunteers

If you are a former Family Caregiver who has taken care of an ill, frail or elderly loved one the Caregiver Support Network of VNA Community Healthcare needs you!

Do you wish you knew then what you know now? Are you willing to share the wisdom of what you  learned while taking care of a family member with someone who is currently doing the same?

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-- Updated: May 24, 2018 - 11:11am

Volunteer Opportunities

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) works with over one thousand volunteers across Greater New Haven each year.  Our volunteer opportunities include meal service, dinner and lunch preparation, dining room set-up, inventory and stock-room work, and community outreach.  All volunteer opportunities at DESK scheduled online by visiting the Volunteer page on our website, where you can find additional information and guidelines.

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Adminstrative Specialist

Do you enjoy putting your organizational skills to the test and making sure that everything is in order? Do enjoy working in an office environment? Are you interested in learning about crucial aspects of American Red cross operations, while offering quality administrative support to the regional leadership team? Organize, coordinate, communicate, mange data, help prepare meetings, learn new skills and

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Hospice Volunteers Needed


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Volunteer with Us on Saturday Mornings!

Volunteers are vital to our operation. Each Saturday morning volunteers distribute bags of groceries to individuals and family (including a children's bag for each child), assist guests in the clothing closet area , greet waiting guests with hot coffee, juice, and breakfast pastries, watch children in our children's corner , and ensure the environment is kept clean and welcoming.

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CitySeed Volunteer Opportunities

Love farmers? markets? Like to meet your neighbors and local farmers? Come volunteer for CitySeed in New Haven! We have a wide variety of ways to engage the community in growing an equitable, local food system.

CitySeed is currently looking for volunteers to help with farmers market operations!

Weekday help is especially needed at the:

Downtown Farmers Market on Wednesdays 9:30am-2:30pm

Fair Haven Farmers Market on Thursdays 2:00pm-6:30pm 

A brief training, and commitment of hours is required.

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-- Updated: September 1, 2016 - 1:47pm
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