Board Member

Highville Charter, a 501(c) (3), is an enterprising and caring community charter school with a strong parent and community involvement.  Our main goal is to prepare and instill a desire for all learners to confidently use technology, think globally, develop globally conscious citizenship, and utilize world languages and cultures as the basis for launching learners on their voyage as responsible navigators. Such a globally-conscious citizen will be values-oriented, wellness conscious, career directed, competent in communications and problem-solving, skillful in creative and critical thinking, culturally sophisticated, and acutely aware of global interdependence.

The Highville Charter Board of Directors comprises leaders from the nonprofit and for-profit sector who are dedicated to the organization’s mission. As a leader in charter education, Highville’s own board strives to be a model of governance performance.  Our board members champion the importance of exceptional board leadership and believe that each and every organization needs a strong and effective board to fully realize its potential for good. In addition to the standard roles and responsibilities of a board member, our board members are active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and are fully engaged in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Highville to advance its mission.

Board members are expected to responsibly represent Highville to their respective communities and to advocate for Highville’s mission, programs, and services as appropriate.

Board terms last for three years and board members can serve for up to five consecutive terms.

Volunteer Requirements: 
Board members are expected to attend 10 board meetings per year. They are expected to read board materials in advance of board meetings and to come prepared to ask questions and participate in discussions. Board members are expected to serve on one or more committees of the board and to actively participate in committee work.
Opportunity Location: 
Highville Charter
1 Science Park
06511 New Haven , CT
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